Focus of our system solutions is within 5 concepts:

  • Supply units – feeding of energy – are typically used for service of engineering equipments.

  • Energy transfer – by motor-, spring cable reels, slip rings and festoon systems.

  • Mobile firefighting – a unique, handy trolley with water and power for firefighting f.inst. high bay warehouses.

  • Conductor rails & festoon systems – for robots, amusements, high bay warehouses, cranes, etc.

  • Container weighing system

The solutions are unique and based on the technology from the world leading company Conductix/Wampfler –
combined with 30 years of Power Flex experience in the intelligent designs of energy solutions.

Power Flex - energy supply units for railway maintenance

Supply Units

Power Flex - energioverførsel med motor kabeltromle

Energy Transfer

Power Flex - mobile firefighting unit supplies high bay storage crane with water, energy and data

Mobile Firefighting

Power Flex conductor rails and festoon systems

Conductor Rails & Festoon Systems

Power Flex conductor rails and festoon systems

Container Weighing System

Power Flex we move your energy

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