We move your energy

For the mining industry Power Flex deliver sliprings and motor cable reels for the cement industry which can be a division of a mining business

Mining Industry

Power Flex deliver festoon systems, cable trolleys and cables for cranes in the port . Also energy supply stations supplies energy for maintenance of ships.


For offshore Power Flex deliver motor cable reels, spring reels, and cables specially designed to meet highest offshore IP environments and specifications.

& Marine

Wind Power

Power Flex supplies motor cable and spring cable reels for electrical power supply at wast water plants

Wastewater Plants

Power Flex supplies motor cable and spring cable reels energy guiding chains and conductor rails for electrical power supply in the amusement industry

Amusement Parks

Power Flex supplies motor cable spring cable reels energy guiding chains and conductive rails for flexible energy supply in the theater industry


Power Flex supplies pop up units flexible energy stations placed in the hangar of the airbase ensures flexible energy supply for servicing military or civile aircrafts

Aviation Industry

Power Flex deliver stationary energy units with spring driven reels placed on the train service platform ensures fast and flexible supply of electricity / power for trains

Train Service

Power Flex deliver A unique mobile cart equipped with water and power connected to the high bay storage crane ensuring flexible energy transfer for mobile firefightning

High Bay Warehouses